Recycled Portraits
     December 01 _ December 05, 2018 
     Mohammadmehdi Sedaghat
         Mohammad Mehdi Sedaghat was born in 1988. being 4th child in the family. He was obsessed with painting since early childhood and soon it became his main hobby. At the age of 7, he started to make fictional comic strips. Years later, Mohammad Mehdi wrote his thesis for master of art on comic strip. Within these years, he was also very active in music and motion pictures, appearing as a showman on national TV (IRIB) and releasing his first music album “4Sim” where he was both the composer and bass palayer are noticeable. 
The idea of “​​recycled portraits” sparkled about a year ago.
He says: I had been watching all the paper receipts in my wallet and I felt guilty about throwing them away, as if I was dumping beautiful trees into garbage, every day! So I started storing them and then Painting on them. Then I went one step further, taping them together, making bigger sheets. Soon, Iots of my friends and relatives learned about this initiative and started collecting their receipts for me. I have found painting
on  these papers difficult, yet rewarding, because they are very thin and you can easily rip them during work.
 18  painting  are on  display in the current exhibition. The message of this collection for the world is: with the current technology, we do not need paper receipts anymore, and still we are turning millions of them into garbage every day. Online receipts and text Messages are the alternatives, as they are becoming popular in many parts of the world! Thus we can reduce paper production, and save more trees.
"Recycled portraits" has made trash into art, to remind us, we can reconsider what we call trash!

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